9 Words You Never Remember How To Spell Correctly

Sometimes, English just doesn’t make sense.

We’ve all got those words that, no matter how hard we try, no matter how diligently we memorize, we just can’t spell right.

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Thankfully, we’re not alone. The following are some of the most commonly misspelled words (ironically, “misspelled” is one of them).

1. Cemetery

Steven King ruined this word- and the prospect of ever burying our pets anywhere- for everyone forever.

2. Squirrel

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If there are two r’s, surely there should be two l’s. And what letters make up the sound “sqwuh”? It just doesn’t feel right.

3. Mediterranean

Stupid Latin cognates getting in the way of Googling my vacation.

4. Restaurant

Unlike the others, this one’s tough to replace with an easier word as well.

5. Judgment

TriStar Pictures / Via followingthenerd.com

The letters D, G, and M should never be next to each other.

6. Embarrassment

“Facepalm” will work just fine instead.

7. Jewelry

20th Century Fox / Via thebillfold.com

8. Definitely

Universal Pictures / Via reactiongifs.com

Apparently the most commonly misspelled word in the English language.

9. Cologne

This one is infamously disastrous but, thankfully, not that common.

What are some words that just don’t look right to you? Share with us below!

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