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23 Things Only Russian-Americans Will Understand

Born in the USSR, but raised in the U.S. of A.

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1. Meals consisted of three basic food groups: fruit, fish and unidentifiable goo.

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And when you asked, "Mom, what's in this?" the response was always a contradictory "Shut your mouth and eat it."

4. Your first American apartment resembled a jungle.

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Because your parents were so excited to be able to cultivate plant life. Which meant PALM TREES AND CACTUSES EVERYWHERE.

5. For your parents, freedom tasted like citrus fruits.

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In fact, one of your parents probably lured the other one to America with the promise of seeing the ocean and tasting EXOTIC FRUITS.

11. You still make a distinction between "home clothing" and "outdoor clothing."

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And you wouldn't dare lie on your bed in your jeans, which has traces of fecal residue from your subway ride home.

12. Doctors, especially psychiatrists, were considered charlatans.

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Unfortunately, your parents don't believe in "depression" or "mental problems." To them, what you're suffering from is an incurable sickness of the soul.

14. The holidays were a confusing time for everyone.

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Between American Christmas and Russian New Year, no one knew what traditions to celebrate or when to give out the presents. Especially if you also celebrated Chanukkah.

15. You spent your summers in camps where your assignment was to inhale enough fresh air to last you all year.


But really you spent most of the time using card games as a way of flirting with other Russian teens.

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