21 Existential Problems, As Told By Bears

Sometimes, it’s just too much to bear.

1. When you’re sitting on the other side of despair.

2. And you don’t even know who you are anymore.

3. And you feel like somehow you’ve missed your stop…in life.

4. When it seems like you can’t get anything right.

5. And you think the road to success just shouldn’t be this hard.

6. But then what is success? Is it even worth having a career if you’re not happy?

7. When you realize you’re a year closer to the inevitable: Death.

8. And you’re like not even in the driver’s seat to your own fate.

9. When your co-workers make you question the ethical implications of homicide.

10. You feel like hell really is other people.

11. But then could you even construct your identity without an Other?

12. When you get high with your friends…

Igor Shpilenok/Barcroft Media

And wonder “What does it all mean”?

Igor Shpilenok/Barcroft Media

13. When the alarm clock goes off at 8 a.m and you postulate what’s the point of getting up if we’re all gonna die anyway?

Flickr: tattoodjay Creative Commons

14. When the hostess tells you the table will be ready in five minutes and it’s an hour later and it’s like can you even trust anyone in this world?

15. When you’re all like how is it possible to truly get to know and love another if you don’t even know and love yourself?

16. When you can’t even do yoga because how can something be nothing when nothing is still something?

17. When “taking the road less traveled” is geographically and philosophically bad advice.

18. When you think “Is there someone else in the world who’s just like me? And if there is, am I really me?”

19. When you wonder whether or not the soul exists.

20. When you feel like you’re just a tiny speck of sand in the cold desert of existence.

21. When you, like, don’t even know how to deal anymore.

And then you realize that if life is meaningless you should just get over yourself and have a good time!


Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post used a photo of a leashed bear riding a bus and was switched for a more sensitive GIF.

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