10 Signs You’re From The Pacific Northwest

Today’s Forecast: f*#king rain.

1. 1. Rain doesn’t even phase you anymore.

2. 2. Socks with sandals is perfectly acceptable.

3. 3. You can taste the difference between Starbucks and Tully’s.

We don’t even talk about Seattle’s Best (Worse) Coffee.

4. 4. You freak out every time the sun appears.

Grab the sunscreen!

5. 5. You can automatically spot a Canadian by the amount of their shopping bags.

Or by the forty fucking gallons of milk.

6. 6. You’ve actually used your mountain bike on a mountain.

7. 7. You have or know someone with a boat.

8. 8. You work for or know people who work for Microsoft, Boeing, or Amazon.

Or Starbucks.

9. 9. You think standing in line at the original Starbucks is a stupid idea.

They’re selling the exact same thing down the fucking block.

10. 10. You’d never trade in your perfect view for the city.

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