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Boy Pretends To Sleep To Get Out Of Eating Dinner

If you have kids, then you know how hard (sometimes practically impossible) it is to get them to eat. Well, This is Lucas's (our youngest) attempt at getting out of eating his dinner. Don't ask me where he got the "put hands behind head and snore" thing..... I plead the fifth.

DevinAndErica 5 years ago

A Baby's First Swim

Probably the most touching video of a baby's first time swimming you'll see this week.

DevinAndErica 6 years ago

Daddy's Diaper Change

This father got caught making stinky while his family was in town, so his 3 year old daughter stepped up and decided he needed a diaper change.

DevinAndErica 7 years ago

Watch How YouTube Changed This Family's Life

This family has been posting videos on YouTube for three years now, and because of the support of their subscribers they were able to have a child through IVF. Grab a tissue. You may need it.

DevinAndErica 7 years ago

Babies Are Dangerous

Everyone knows babies can be dangerous. (Obviously... duh.) But when you combine a naked baby and newborn photos, they are always looking to get a preemptive strike on the nearest parent.

DevinAndErica 7 years ago

The Flower Girl

If this doesn't make you smile..... there is something wrong with you....

DevinAndErica 7 years ago