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These Best Friends Put Each Other On Magazines And It Was EVERYTHING

Because let's face it: Your best friend is always the fiercest woman in the room.

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We gave these lucky BFFs the opportunity to design and put each other on magazine covers. These are the bomb-ass results:

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Quinta wanted to reflect Kate's "zest for life" when styling her magazine cover. She thinks that Kate is the most unique person in the world — and wanted the cover to reflect her personality by being "alternative, pop-y, and celebrating women."

Kate wanted Quinta to be featured on the cover of a magazine that "showcases people's career success." She explained that she knows Quinta could be on the cover of "a billion beauty magazines" but that she doesn't think that's Quinta's main goal.


Cc was emotional about Niki's amazing impact on the LGBT community. She wanted to put Niki on the cover of a queer magazine to help her understand just how influential her advocacy work is.


The cover shoot Della chose for Allex is "It girl traveling the world." She wanted the cover to celebrate everything Allex has achieved in her life because of her own drive and abilities.

Allex wanted Della to see herself as others see her. She described Della as a "colorful, bright ball of energy." She wanted her to be a total hippie chick on her cover.

In their final thoughts, they all agreed that this was a great bonding exercise. It was also a reminder to each of them individually that they have a powerful and wonderful impact on their friends and the world. It left them feeling empowered and happy!


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