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    These Women Found Their Perfect Nude Lip Color By Examining Their Nipples


    Finding your perfect nude lip can be an absolute nightmare. But what if the answer was just a few inches away (literally)? Well, Ladylike decided to see if the myth that your perfect nude is the same color as your nipples is actually true

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    So, here’s the deal. Refinery29 wrote an article about finding your perfect nude lip by matching it with your nipples.

    Devin and Kristin were pretty sure they've seen each others boobs.

    But Jen and Nyla had never had that experience, so this was new for us.

    So we investigated the scene.

    And tested out a bunch of colors and things got wild.

    Here were the results:

    Kristin decided to name hers, “Nipslip,” and slayed it. But then again, when does she not slay?

    I found my nude pretty quickly, and named it "Nip."

    Since I know what my nipples look like, my color was pretty spot on.

    Devin had to mix and match but she finally found her perfect nude, naming it "Devin's Nips."

    And Jen mixed some Colourpop and Mented to create her perfect nude. She named it "Itchy," because nipples get itchy sometimes.

    And, when we showed our coworkers our latest discovery, they were caught off guard but very supportive.

    While it may not have been the exact same color as our was damn sure on track.

    Lady tested? Lady, discovered answers aren't always hard to find.