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Which Movie Endings Totally Hit It Out Of The Park?

I need to know which film endings you could watch forever and ever without getting tired of them!

When you see a movie that has a satisfying conclusion, it can stick with you for life.

To all the movie viewers out there, I want to know which films you believe have perfect endings, as well as why you love these final moments.

People watch a film in a movie theater

Maybe watching the characters Andy and Red reunite on the beach at the close of The Shawshank Redemption is a movie ending that always gets you choked up.

Andy and Red meet on the beach in Mexico

As La La Land finishes, exes Seb and Mia see each other again, and audiences witness what their lives might have been like had they ended up together. Perhaps you found this bittersweet encounter to be a really touching scene.

Seb and Mia smile at each other from afar in the final scene of "La La Land"

Or, to reference another classic film conclusion, it could be that Dorothy waking from her sleep and returning home in The Wizard of Oz simply never gets old to you.

Dorothy holds Toto and tells Auntie Em how happy she is to be home

Go ahead and tell us which movie endings you consider to be the best ever and why in the comments below. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!