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    27 Of The Most Interesting Moments From "The Mystery Of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes"

    "What I learned ... suggests that the circumstances of her dying was covered up."

    On April 27, Netflix dropped one of their latest documentary films, The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, which explores the legendary actor's life and mysterious death.

    Marilyn Monroe is recorded during a press interview

    Previously unreleased audio interviews with friends and colleagues of Marilyn's, like actor Jane Russell and photographer Milton Greene, are featured in the documentary.

    Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell leave their handprints in wet cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 26, 1953,  Milton Greene and Marilyn Monroe are pictured outside of Marilyn's home with in 1956

    Here are 27 of the most thought-provoking moments from the film.

    Marilyn Monroe is pictured in 1953

    1. When Anthony Summers explained the extent of his research on Marilyn.

    2. When Anthony discussed the initial reluctance he was met with while investigating Marilyn's death.

    Marilyn Monroe sings during a scene in "Let's Make Love"

    3. When Anthony spoke about how Marilyn used a misogynistic Hollywood structure to her benefit.

    Marilyn Monroe sings on stage

    4. When director John Huston detailed how Marilyn created some of the most memorable performances in cinema.

    Marilyn Monroe as Angela answers the door in "The Asphalt Jungle"

    5. When Jane Russell described Marilyn's intense work ethic.

    Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei poses as she sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

    6. When Marilyn's tendency to drift from one friend group to another was mentioned.

    Marilyn Monroe smiles at an event

    7. When Marilyn's "it" factor always managed to show itself.

    Marilyn Monroe as Vicky performs "Heat Wave" in "There's No Business Like Show Business"

    8. When Anthony read Marilyn's psychiatric evaluations.

    Anthony Summers reads from Dr. Ralph Greenson's writings on Marilyn Monroe

    9. When Marilyn opened up about her then-new relationship with Bobby Kennedy.

    Bobby Kennedy poses in a photo circa 1963, Marilyn Monroe poses in a white fur collar outfit

    10. When Danny recalled hearing about Marilyn's despondent thoughts.

    Marilyn Monroe as Roslyn sits in a car while filming "The Misfits"

    11. When Marilyn's optimism for her romance with playwright Arthur Miller was remembered.

    Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller smile at each other outside of their home

    12. When Marilyn made moves to be taken more seriously in her acting career.

    Marilyn Monroe stands by a sign outside of the Actors Studio

    13. When Marilyn's friends remembered her desire to have children.

    Marilyn Monroe sips milk with William Metzler, who was a Milk Fund beneficiary

    14. When John Huston noticed Marilyn's prescription drug problem while shooting The Misfits.

    Marilyn Monroe is photographed during a scene from "The Misfits"

    15. When the origins of Marilyn's relationship with John F. Kennedy were revealed.

    John F. Kennedy is pictured in the early 1950s, Marilyn Monroe is photographed during a photoshoot for 20th Century Fox in 1952

    16. When union leader, Jimmy Hoffa, approached private detective, Fred Otash, to wiretap the Kennedy brothers and Marilyn.

    Private investigator Fred Otash sits for a recored interview

    17. When director George Cukor forecasted Marilyn's enduring popularity.

    Marilyn smiles in a swimming pool while shooting "Something's Got to Give"

    18. When investigators recollected hearing private moments between Marilyn and the Kennedys.

    Robert Kennedy is shown in a photo from 1959, Marilyn Monroe is pictured outside of Grauman's Chinese Theater, John F. Kennedy is pictured in 1960

    19. When the FBI investigated Marilyn during the Cold War climate.

    Anthony looks through the FBI papers on Marilyn

    20. When Anthony traced the Kennedys' concerns over delicate information they'd discussed with Marilyn.

    Bobby Kennedy whispers to his brother, John F. Kennedy, during a meeting

    21. When Anthony found conflicting details about the reported timeline of Marilyn's death.

    Marilyn is shown walking amongst a crowd in archival video footage

    22. When Anthony heard admissions that Marilyn had been picked up by an ambulance on the night of her death and didn't pass away at her home.

    Medical professionals wheel out Marilyn Monroe's body from her home after her death in 1962

    23. When Dr. Ralph Greenson's knowledge of how Marilyn's death played out was questioned.

    The outside of Marilyn Monroe's bedroom is shown after her death

    24. When Anthony discovered Bobby Kennedy had been in town at the time of Marilyn's death, and a fight occurred between the two.

    Marilyn Monroe sits at a 1952 banquet, Bobby Kennedy arrives at rincess Lee Radziwill's house in 1964

    25. When Anthony explored the idea that the specifics of Marilyn's death were kept quiet due to her affiliation with the Kennedys.

    Marilyn Monroe is pictured outdoors in 1954

    26. When Peter Lawford requested all information documenting the Kennedys' connection to Marilyn be destroyed.

    Peter Lawford and Robert Kennedy are pictured as they attend at a charity event for a hospital in 1961.

    27. When Anthony stated his conclusions about what happened to Marilyn.

    Marilyn Monroe is pictured in a 1954 photo to promote her film, "River of No Return"