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    Avoid Sneezing Your Way Into Spring By Checking Out These 10 Products That Every Hay Fever Sufferer Needs

    I know the struggle, believe me.

    1. Keep your bed as dust-proof as possible with this anti-allergy mattress protector.

    2. Protect your eyes from the pollen as much as possible with these wrap-around sunglasses.

    3. Invest in this bestselling air purifier, which will help to rid your room of any allergens.

    4. Avoid drying your clothes outdoors during hay fever season, and use this foldable laundry rack instead.

    5. I've found hay fever season to always take its toll on my skin, which is why regularly moisturising with something like this E45 cream is a big help in my experience.

    6. Ease any headaches with these cooling gel patches, which have saved me more times than I can probably count.

    7. Put some of this Haymax balm around the base of your nostrils to help trap the pollen and stop you from breathing it in!

    8. Treat any eye swellings with this cold gel compress, which claims to help reduce inflammation.

    9. If your sinuses seem a little blocked, this facial steamer can prove very helpful.

    10. Move away from tissues and towards these wipes, which help to remove and trap pollen.