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    33 "Just In Case" Gifts To Buy For People You Don't Know That Well

    Although you might end up wanting to keep a few of them for yourself (guilty🙋‍♀️).

    1. To my (admittedly very British) mind, you can never go wrong with a premium tea assortment. This one is stocked up with 48 tea bags of eight different flavours, making it a great go-to gift.

    2. This Ariana Grande fragrance gift set is super affordable and comes with three mini perfumes – how cute is that?

    3. This set of crystal glasses is a great gift idea if you're looking for something totally neutral.

    4. As someone who has received a pair of fluffy socks as a gift on multiple occasions, I can definitely vouch for this one. I'm actually wearing one of my pairs right now.

    5. I personally find it super hard to shop for men, which is why my go-to is always a fragrance. This gift set even comes with a shower gel too, and for a very affordable price!

    6. I've always thought that bath bombs are a great comfort gift, especially during this time of year. These crystal ones are so aesthetically pleasing that I've just added them to my Christmas list.

    7. On the subject of comfort gifts, this set of coffee syrups can transform anyone's drinks into barista-worthy creations.

    8. This trinket box looks like such an antique, you'd never think it's from Amazon.

    9. This jojoba, vanilla, and almond oil scented Baylis & Harding set is a great premium gift, and actually has so many products in it!

    10. If you want a not-so-sweet bathing gift, this black pepper and ginseng luxury set is a great choice if you ask me.

    11. This set of gardening seeds is super affordable and gives you 12 different vegetable varieties to plant and grow – how could they not love that?

    12. I feel like Adidas products are always a safe bet, and this eau de toilette and shower gel gift set is just that.

    13. I received one of these Himalayan salt lamps as a gift and I can't explain how much I love it. It's a gorgeous little addition to any room and gives off the most beautiful glow!

    14. This trinket tray is a lovely little neutral piece, so if you don't know a person's style this is a relatively safe choice.

    15. With winter approaching, I don't think you can go wrong with a classic chunky scarf. This one even comes in a load of colours for you to choose from!

    16. Candles are my main go-to gift, and this Yankee candle gift set is a top best seller!

    17. I've gifted this beard and grooming set before and let me just tell you that it was received very well.

    18. Personally I love receiving makeup brushes, and these ones are so cute – they'd make a great gift!

    19. This gourmet coffee set includes five of the finest coffees from all over the world – because who doesn't love coffee?

    20. Hand creams make a great gift, especially during the colder months. This set comes with six different scented hand creams, each containing shea butter to make them extra moisturising!

    21. As you may not know if the recipient of your gift can successfully take care of plants (I can't) – these three artificial succulents are a cute little present to spruce up anyone's home decor.

    22. This is a great little pampering set containing a rose quartz jade roller, face massaging tool, and face mask applicator!

    23. If anyone wants to get me a gift, please make it this electric popcorn maker because I think I need it.

    24. This Jimmy Choo set has a variety of mini perfumes if you're not sure which one they'd want a full bottle of!

    25. In my opinion everyone needs some kind of manicure set to hand (see what I did there?), and this one has everything they could possibly need.

    26. These shower gels come in four unique scents – cedarwood, lemon and oak, sea salt, and wild mint. I don't know about you but I might have to grab a couple of these sets!

    27. If you're looking for something with a bit more of a floral scent, this Sanctuary Spa shower gel set will make a lovely gift that you know they're guaranteed to use.

    28. For the festive season, a home cocktail making set sounds like the perfect gift – don't you agree?

    29. If you're looking for a fragrance and body lotion set that's not going to break the bank, look no further.

    30. To my mind the likelihood of someone being obsessed with the TV show Friends is pretty high, so this branded coffee mug and socks gift set is a great little find. Did I mention the mug is even colour changing?!

    31. Barry M are my favourite brand for nail polishes, and this pack of five colours is super affordable.

    32. Who doesn't love an inspirational notebook? This one is A5 so it's the perfect size for anyone to carry around if they need a little notepad on the go!

    33. I had to end it on a high, and this hoodie blanket is most definitely that. To be honest, I would buy this as a gift and end up keeping it for myself.