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13-Year-Old Boy Celebrates Entering Manhood By Voguing To Madonna

This is just in time for the Queen's birthday! 1992 was the year, and Shaun Sperling was celebrating the big 1-3 the only way he knew how: by having a Madonna-themed Bar Mitzvah. He puts on an amazing show, and so does his exquisite shirt!

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Some of us guys don't look forward to manhood, but Shaun Sperling is definitely not one of us. In fact, in this video from his Bar Mitzvah all the way back in 1992, Shaun is showing us some of his sexiest, grown-up Madonna moves while he Vogues at his party.

Some kids prefer to get money for Bar Mitzvahs, but Shaun is clearly showing us the bank with this performance! And major props go out to the designer of that fantastic shirt!

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"Don't just stand there let's get to it. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue."

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