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15 Reasons We Wish We Were Steve Carell

He is the perfect man. He's funny. He's smart. He's a great dad. He's also in Despicable Me 2 in theaters July 3rd.

1. He looks great in glasses.

2. He is always formal.

3. He went on Pawn Stars and pretended not to be himself.

4. He has an adorable relationship with his wife.

5. His Produce Pete segments on "The Daily Show" were hilarious.

6. He has amazing friends.

7. He gets better with age.

8. He's super funny on Twitter.

9. He's the voice of Gru.

10. He was a postman before he pursued comedy.

11. Michael Scott is one of the best characters ever on TV.

12. Steven Colbert was his understudy while performing at Second City in Chicago.

13. He's an amazing dad.

14. He actually got his chest waxed in "40 Year Virgin."

15. He is the voice of Gary in "The Ambiguously Gay Duo."

For more Steve Carell, check out Despicable Me 2 in theaters July 3rd.

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