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15 Reasons We Wish We Had Minions

Any Despicable Me fan knows that minions make things better. Here are the reasons we need those little helpers. To add Minions to any of your Instagram photos, check out Instaminion.

1. Cleaning is hard.

2. Minions are always down to party.

3. They make great decorations.

4. Minions excel at sport-like activities.

5. Ain't no Minion got time for that.

6. They're ready to go at a moment's notice.

7. They make snack time exciting.

8. They are great with kids.

9. They would have our back.

10. They would sing to us whenever we wanted.

11. Minions are skilled at conflict resolution.

12. They would be our best friends.

13. They make great assistants.

14. They remind us love is real.

15. And most of all, they would make us so, so happy

For more Minions, check out "Despicable Me 2" in theaters, July 3rd.

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