In Memoriam: The TV Characters We Grieved In 2013

I can’t take any more loss this year. Oh, and obviously SPOILERS abound here. And maybe some NSFW imagery.

1. Queenie, AHS: Coven

But then again it’s Coven, so who knows.

2. Tara Knowles Teller, Sons of Anarchy

I guess we should have seen it coming, really.

3. But seriously…

What. The. Actual. F#@K.

4. Yeah, I’m right there with ya, Jax.

I’d say it’s gonna be okay, but we all know that’d be a horrible lie.

5. Gemma, you’re awful.

6. Eli Rooselvelt, Sons of Anarchy

And Juice was just like, “Stop crying Gemma, murder is fun!”

7. Brian Griffin, Family Guy

Seth McFarlane’s wants that Emmy, dammit!

8. Clay Morrow, Sons of Anarchy

We’ll miss you, you rotten son of a bitch!

9. Joss Carter, Person of Interest


10. Madison Montgomery, AHS: Coven

LOLOL JK!!!! Bitch be back from the dead like everyone else on that show.

11. Country Mac, It’s Always Sunny

Country Mac, we hardly knew thee, but my God, you were a badass!

12. Otto Delaney, Sons of Anarchy

RIP you poor bastard!

13. Phil and that Other Dude, Sons of Anarchy

The silly Irish and their “messages.”

14. Hank Schrader & Gomie, Breaking Bad

It was inevitable, I suppose.

15. Andrea Cantillo, Breaking Bad


16. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, Breaking Bad

That’s what you get for being so pretentious about your artificial sweeteners.

17. Landry, Friday Night Lights

Texas Forever, Landry! New Mexico is nothing but bad news. But karma, right? Ya know, for killing that creepy rapist and dumping his body in the river.

18. Walter “Heisenberg” White, Breaking Bad

Or was it all a dream…

19. Hal was just having a crazy dream!

Phew! What a relief.

20. Deb Morgan, Dexter

“That was possibly the greatest ending to any TV show in the history of television!”
- Said No One, Ever

21. Brooks, Grey’s Anatomy

Little Girl from “Andre,” you deserved so much better!

22. Nora, True Blood

In truth, no one cares. But it’s sad to see Eric Northman cry.

23. The Bellefleur Girls, True Blood

It’s okay Jess. No one blames you… except maybe Andy.

24. Terry Bellefleur, True Blood

And it was really sad too… until the funeral that wouldn’t end.

25. Eric Northman, True Blood

Yeah, okay True Blood, bluff called. You wouldn’t dare kill Northman.

26. Dave, Alex, Penny, Max, Jane, and Brad, Happy Endings

“IT WAS BEING COOL ON THE WAY OVER!!!!” Seriously, F#@k you ABC!

27. Baby Eddard Stark (and Talisa, I guess), Game of Thrones

Wait… What’s happening?! Is that the dude from Coldplay?! Why is he playing “The Rains of Castamere”?!?!!?!? This is a wedding! No. No. NOOOOOO!!!

28. Robb Stark, Game of Thrones

Okay Tywin. I see you bro.

29. Catelyn Stark, Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin, you evil genius!

30. And then the whole world was like:

31. Helena, Orphan Black

Poor misunderstood clone.

32. Miss Watson, Bates Motel

Did Norman do it?!?! Yeah, prob. He’s cray.

33. Jaime Lannister’s Hand, Game of Thrones

Hopefully he’s a lefty.

34. Jimmy, Shameless


35. Sister Mary Eunice, AHS: Asylum

You made demonic possession cool again.

36. Judy “Sister Jude” Martin

Things got dark there at the end for ya. And all our hearts broke.

37. Edna Krabappel, The Simpsons

RIP Marcia Wallace :(

38. Finn Hudson, Glee

A true tragedy. We’ll miss you Cory.

39. I’m sad now. Here’s something to make everyone feel better:

And then they all died… F#@K!!!!!

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