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How To Grow A Cat Plant

Do you follow the latest gardening trends? NO? Well, you are in big trouble, because the latest craze among rookie and professional gardeners are the cat plants.

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Get Your Cat Plant Starter Kit.


You can find one of those cat seeds right outside, on the streets, loitering in your garden, or at local shelters. Pick up one that you like and give it a nice cleaning before you pot it. They come in many shapes and colours that can please any taste.

One is Never Enough!


You can never be satisfied with just one cat plant. The more you have, the prettier your garden will be. Sure, that means more maintenance, but that's a small price to pay for all the looks of envy you will get. Grow as many as you can, just find the right size pots. Just don't get too carried away, since neighbours can complain.

Cat Plants Grow Fast

Your newly potted cat foliage will soon start to grow. Before you notice it, it will already be above the soil and peeking from the edge of its container. This will be a moment of great happiness. It's always satisfying to see that your hard work is paying off.


Low Maintenance Foliage


The mesmerizing cat plants are low maintenance. They don't need a lot of your attention, unless if it's for admiring them. You need to pick up the right pot size because if it's too big, your precious feline plant will sprawl all over and look tired.

Great for Companion Planting


These amazing plants are not only good looking, but also perfect for companion planting. You can grow them in the same pot with other plants. They won't suffucoate the other foliage and help keep garden pests away.

They Can Sometimes Be Invasive


That's right. The feline plant can be invasive. If it feels too lonely or too bored, or feels like you pay more attention to other greens, it might magically transfer to another pot. It will invade the plant that's the object of your attention and take over the spotlight. But who can be mad at such a lovable house plant?

Majestic Blooms


The best thing about this enchanting green is the gorgeous blossoms. When the blooming season comes the cat plant produces lavish flowers. They make heads turn and often become a popular topic. Some people even organize cat flower viewing events and take pictures.

No Need to Aid Pollination


The cat plant isn't self-pollinating, but it doesn't need your help when it comes to this matter. It sends a special aroma to other potted cat plants and calls for pollination. While other foliage species need the help of bees and other insects, this one knows how to deal with this on its own. Don't be shocked if you see an unfamiliar cat plant in your pots. It's probably due to the pollination process.

Remember to Change Pots


Just like any other house plant, the container-bound cat plant can grow too big for its pot. Don't leave it in the same place for too long. It might squeeze the roots and suffocate the poor thing. Expert gardeners say that you should always buy a pot that is a bit bigger for the plant in order to have more space to grow.

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