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This Is What Happens When Feminism Is Discussed On Yik-Yak

One anonymous Yik-Yak user posted a remark against cat calling which spurred an explosion of commentary and debate across the anonymous social media platform.

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Yik-Yak is a social media app where users can share posts anonymously with other users within their area. The app has made headlines already, accused of promoting hate speech and violence but has not lessened in popularity. Any user can create a post, and the community votes on the post - if enough people dislike it, the post is removed.

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That post started a massive debate across the app both for feminism and against feminism. Some users were trying to have a genuine conversation about struggles that women face and the importance of feminism for both sexes.

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The bright side was that even in the midst all of the hateful remarks, and the ignorant comments there were still users (men and women) embracing the anonymous platform to promote the importance of feminism.

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