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    • derekjh

      I’m just saying, Texas is in no way special. If anything, it’s a little stupid. And crappy. But that’s nothing to be proud of, I mean, to be really arrogantly proud of. Like Texans are. It just starts to make them look like……they’re trying to convince themselves.  Whataburger isn’t that great, in fact, I would feel better if it were not shoved in my face. Lone star? Kinda gets tiring drinking stale urine. Endless sky? YEAH THERE IS NOTHING HERE. Ice cream? yes, I resorted to all cold snacks to try to stay sane. I also am officially at risk of developing type one diabetes, something unthought of in my family. Fucking mineral water and kolaches? Do you go to other states and just stay in the hotel and expect Texas to come to you? Probably, because you’re a retarded Texan.  Nope, went Tubing in California, same thing, except more scenic, better weather, less obnoxious crowds of obese families. What you’re thinking of is white water rapids, that is not tubing, but that is a simple mistake a moronic Texan would make.  It’s YOU ALL, if anything. FUCKING ENGLISH!  Yeah, other states provide a variety of beverage options, because most people don’t like to promote hyper active disorders, diabetes and obesity.  Fields are green, I’ll give Texas that I WILL GIVE TEXAS THAT ONE THING. WILD FLOWERS.  I remember when I could see stars in Illinois, I remember when I could see stars in CA, our stars are starting to dissipate and, guess what, they kinda shine for everyone, NOT JUST TEXAS Yay, driving fast is always fun, especially when its in the wrong direction on a freeway. FUCKING IDIOTS.  Yeah, white sugar is very unhealthy, they’re trying to save your legs.  WTF does it mean that you can grill in December? Don’t you like seasons at all? seeing the leaves fall, raking them up. SNOW THE MAGICAL WONDERLAND OF SNOW THAT MAKES CHRISTMAS SO MUCH MORE SPECIAL ITS FLIPPIN BLIZZARDS COME CLOSE AND HOLD TIGHT PUT ON GOOD MUSIC, DRINK AND ENDURE. Breakfast tacos happen everywhere. Oh, excuse me, I didn’t realize that there was REAL country music being made anymore at all so who gives a fuck? LOAD YOUR IPOD OR GET A CD YOU HILLBILLY!  Texas state pride is a very stupid concept. I don’t know why people would take pride in this waste land stolen from Spaniards and with all its own internal conflict in the founding…. (Having said this, I have met some really great people here, but all in all, you really don’t give a fuck, because we could be helping out the petty pot heads in the jail system by legalizing the “narcotic” but its just too much fun, gives too much bate for all the terrible people that come to the law and order state to suckle on its many tits money money money money money so people can play cops and robbers its fucking stupid.)

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