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    8 TV Shows That Are As Good As The Gossip

    With all the hoopla about underrated shows, overrated shows, shows that started off hot then fell off, here's a list of 8 shows that stood up against the haters and prevailed in our hearts

    1. Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad pretty much had it all right until its explosive ending. When you look at a man who went from average Joe to Scarface... you gotta think to yourself, what am I doing with my life?

    Our rating: 9/10

    2. Mad Men

    From the music, to the MADness, and busty sex symbols that curvy girls can look up to, this show delivers episode after episode.

    Our rating: 7/10

    3. Orange is the New Black

    This Netflix original conquered topics of race, homo and trans-phobia, sexism, and of course the penile system while still being hilarious and... kinda sexy.

    Our rating: 8/10

    4. Adventure Time!

    At Buzzfeed, we don't discriminate. A good show's a good show, even if it is a bizarre, often profound, sometimes creepy cartoon about a lanky preteen and his unnaturally stretchy dog friend roommate.

    Our rating: 10/10 (Come on, it's Adventure Time)

    5. Once Upon A Time

    All I've got to say in fuck yeah bisexual Mulan!

    Our rating: 6/10 (That's not bad considering the genre!)

    6. Shameless (US-Version)

    Those who are faithful to this tumultuous dramedy (drama-comedy) can attest that this show is a destructive cocktail of familial obligations, debilitating poverty and all around... shamelessness.

    Our rating: 8/10

    7. The Walking Dead

    Whoa, you think Shameless is a roller coaster ride... talk about tearjerker. If you haven't seen this bloody, ruthless survival drama yet... no actually, there's no excuse!

    Our rating: 10/10

    8. Game of Thrones

    The show to end all shows... hell, the book to end all books! Talk about zero character loyalty! Fans haven't been this shocked since Drew Barrymore died in the first ten minutes of Scream, *cough cough, Red Wedding...cough*.

    Our rating: 12/10... yeah, it's that good!

    BONUS-Good Luck Charlie

    Whaaa? Good Luck Charlie? Yup, for being the first Disney show to portray lesbian mom's!!! You go, Good Luck Charlie!

    What other shows are as good as the gossip surrounding them?

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