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32 Thoughts I Had On Jury Duty

A harrowing tale of civic duty and missed connections.

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2. Cute security guard thankyouverymuch.

3. This room is very big and there are a lot of people here.

4. Why did I even bother to dress nice?

6. Ooh found a sliver of sunlight, phew. Maybe that cute business-y juror will see me in said glorious lighting.

7. Glad I brought my own pen. State budget cuts are real.

11. I get it! I’m doing my civic duty and it is NOT boring.

13. I really should've brought my iPad to catch up on my stories.

14. The woman next to me has knitting needles—maybe she'll teach me. I just brought this silly book about tidying up and am stuck visualizing folding my clothes properly.

15. The first culling has occurred, about 50% of a little over a 100 people have been dismissed for various reasons. So jealous.

20. I see someone grading trig homework. I'd offer to help, but I barely passed.

22. Taking a bathroom break. Maybe that’ll soak up some time.

23. Nope. Wonder if they called my name?

25. Napping is hard. An airline made these seats.

26. Second group called. The herd is thinning.

27. Finally lunch and some sunshine!

29. Oohh lunch hottie is also here for jury duty. Maybe we’ll get picked together and then marry in the fall.

30. Third round. Damnit—beaten out by another Dennis!

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