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The Things You Do When You Have No Sense Of Direction

No, we are not imbeciles.

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You go to places where no man has gone before.

You always ask for directions to your friend's house even if you've been there like 15 times.

5 minutes later you call again to ask your friend to share location through Google Maps.

Speaking of Maps, long live technology and navigation apps.

You make circles when you are at a museum.

You have a hard time choosing which way to go when you get out of a building.

Shortcuts turn out to be longcuts for you and you find yourself doing involuntary cardio workouts during the day.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend knows the way to your grandmother's house better than you.

You prefer not to answer when someone asks you for directions.

For you, playing Call of Duty is enjoying the scenery until you're shot from behind.

Everyone told you the more you drive, the better sense of direction you'll have. Not really.

Your friends ask you this a lot: "How can you get lost all the time?"

They'd better not.

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