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Signs Your Relationship Has Taken Over Your Social Life

This is a cautionary tale so get ready to learn a lesson.

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Once upon a time you had this utterly active social life.

Partying till the sun comes up...

Travelling with your girls...

Hours of phone talk until every detail is told about each other's current emotional state.

One day, you found what your heart desires the most: Love.

True love.

The greatest love story of all time to be specific.

You started telling your friends about him like ALL THE TIME.

When you were not talking about him, you texted him.

Your friends got fed up with the boyfriend talk, so you started seeing your friends less and less often.

In the meantime, you were making plans for the future.

You were under the corrupting influence of the ring.

But one day, while you were browsing through your friends' Facebook pics...

You faced the fact that you weren't invited to this year's girlfriend getaway.

"How come?!!" you asked your bestie as you reached for the phone immediately.

"Honey, you always chose him over us, so we didn't ask you" she answered.

But? But? Now what?

(Teleported right in front of your boyfriend's door) "Darling, my friends told me this and that. I'm so lonely right now"

Boyfriend: Don't worry honey, it'll pass.

"I don't need anyone else but you. We'll be together until the end of time, right?"



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