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    The 27 Cute Kids Who Will Make You Smile Every Time

    You can't resist it.

    1. These twin sisters are making some science

    2. This princess is practicing Tony Stark’s eye roll

    3. This young lady knows how to move

    4. This little girl is shaking

    5. This boy is bothering his cat

    6. This baby is laughing with the dog

    7. This little man has a soft spot for his pet

    8. This kid is laughing as dog is begging

    9. This cute girl doesn’t seem happy with a cookie

    10. This boy is napping under the dog’s watch

    11. This guy always gets what he wants

    12. This sensitive little dude

    13. This babyboy has the master’s degree in facial expressions

    14. This little guy is having fun with the cat

    15. These two babies are synchronizing

    16. This kid is fond of reading

    17. This child is kind of in love with the window

    18. These babies are holding a conversation

    19. This little dude is creeping on you

    20. This boy is talking to his iPad

    21. These guys are really into dancing

    22. This little man is fishing

    23. This kid is really excited with his birthday present

    24. This baby is speeding up his speech

    25. This kid doesn’t like his toy or dad

    26. This boy is eating with no hands

    27. This princess is having a snack