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25 Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio Will Win An Oscar For ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

Here are enough statements proving Leonardo DiCaprio will definitely make it.

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5. The special way he moves


You wish there was an Oscar for the best choreography because Leo’s dance moves are spectacular but since there is no such Academy Award, an Oscar for the best actor is just fine.

9. Being awesome even while being drunk


Leo still can pretend a regular human being with all that drunk phone calls and stuff.

12. He knows how to party under the sun


15. Because of that F-word record


‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has reportedly broken a world record for profanity with F-word used more than 500 times in three hours. Leo isn’t the last person that made it happen.

18. Because he want crazy once again with this role


22. Because he showed us how he can urge

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