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    27 Reasons To Love The '90s

    Everyone knows I'm obsessed.

    1. Spice World

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    Best. Movie. Ever. I totally thought the inside of their double-decker bus was real. That thing was gigantic.

    2. Posing like Posh

    3. Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio

    4. Chris Kirkpatrick

    5. AJ McLean

    6. Tommy Pickles

    7. Chokers

    8. Keenan And Kel

    9. Eminem's performance at VMAs

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    Best VMA performance ever.

    10. Blossom

    11. Billy Madison

    12. AIM

    13. Hit Clips

    14. Orange tapes

    15. French Toast Crunch

    16. Inflatable furniture

    17. These spoons

    18. Sky Dancers

    19. This book

    20. Junie B. Jones books

    21. Good Burger

    22. Levar Burton

    23. Model Behavior

    24. The Fresh Prince theme song

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    I still obviously know all of the words.

    25. Sabrina

    26. 98 Degrees

    27. Hey Arnold