This "Game Of Thrones" Fan Noticed That We Got A Good Look At Daenerys's Eye Color In This Episode, And That Could Be Huge

    Arya's still got "green eyes" on her list...but who's it actually going to be?

    If you're not caught up on Game of Thrones, leave now because:

    Okay, so, in this latest episode of Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 4, the standoff between Daenerys and Cersei for the Iron Throne became fully realized.

    We saw Cersei become dead set on not only maintaining her grip on the Iron Throne, but also on installing an heir by way of her baby with Euron.

    And we saw Daenerys desperately trying to exert her own authority, especially in the face of Jon's obvious popularity with the North (and legitimate claim to the throne).

    Even Tyrion and Varys, her loyal advisers, admitted that her whole "but I'm meant for the Iron Throne" bit is getting old — and just a liiiiiiittle tyrant-y.

    And it's safe to assume that watching both her best friend Missandei AND her second dragon get killed in extremely brutal ways can only push her toward the ~Mad Queen~ edge.

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    So with two episodes left in this crazy rip-roarin' ride we call Game of Thrones, that means we're left with TWO blonde queens locked in a death match for power — and as Twitter user @Kerri_may noticed tonight, they both also have GREEN EYES!!!!

    Does anyone else feel like the close ups of Daenerys in this episode were designed to remind us that Dany has Green eyes? ‘Brown eyes, Green eyes, Blue eyes.’ Arya will stop the Kings Landing massacre, but which green eyed queen will she kill? #GamefThrones

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    In the book, Daenerys is said to have violet eyes, but they are DEFINITELY green in the show, and don't tell me it's just 'cause the creators blew the colored contacts budget on the battle scenes!!!

    Which means that, if Melisandre's prophecy about Arya "shutting forever" brown eyes (statistically, she's probably covered this [x]), blue eyes (Night King [x]) and green eyes comes true, it could honestly go either way now.

    We've been led to believe that Cersei would end up being the "green eyes" on Arya's list...but as we saw in this episode, a girl is NOT a fan of Daenerys at all.

    And last we heard...she was riding south to King's Landing, where the party/bloodbath will 10000% be for the last two episodes.

    So.........who do we think it's going to be??? Cersei? Daenerys?? Some green-eyed rando???? Leave your theories in the comments below!