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What College Class Actually Changed Your Life?

Which one would you get up at 8 a.m. for all over again?

Whenever late August rolls around, I always feel all tingly inside because it reminds me of new school years and fresh starts. It's kind of like the nerdy kid's New Year's Eve!

And sure, reminiscing about college usually brings to mind a lot of memories that aren't exactly academic...

...because let's be real, not every class or learning experience was a winner.

But there definitely were a handful of courses that I still think about all the time — like my freshman seminar about the Greek classics, which taught me the everlasting value of good fanfiction.

it's really wild how art professors seem to scoff at fanart when literally all classical art is just fanart of the bible and greek myths

Or the one class I took about modern art, which taught me how to be a way more informed museum-goer and compliment-giver.

Someone said I looked ‘Dada’ today and it was the first time an art history class has ever been useful irl

My all-time favorite course, though, was called Politics of The American South. As someone who knew absolutely nothing about A) political science or B) the southern states (sorry, born and bred midwesterner here), this was the class that totally reoriented the way I thought about how U.S. history and politics actually work.

You might say it changed my college experience (and my life) a bit — I ended up taking every class that professor taught and wound up with a minor in political science.

So, that's my little story about the one college class that still sticks out in my mind — but I want to know about yours! Tell me in the comments: What was your favorite class in school (college or otherwise) that you still think about? What was so great about it, and what were some of the ways it shaped your life??