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13 Valentines Day Moments Explained By Quotes From The Office

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, let's all take a look at the year's most romantic holiday through the eyes of our favorite characters from NBC's "The Office".

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1. When you can't play it cool when talking to your crush.

2. When you get to spend the day with that special someone....

3. .....and when you don't.

4. When your date falls through at the last minute.

5. When you are trying to avoid messing up on your date...

6. .....but you accidentally say the wrong thing.

7. When you struggle to plan the perfect Valentine's date.

8. When you and your significant other finally admit it.....

9. Getting a valentine but it's not from who you expected.

10. When you ask your friend if they have plans on February 14th.

11. When your friends drag you out to the bars with them.

12. When it feels like you'll never be together...

13. ... but then they finally come around.

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