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    15 Animals I Could Have Lived My Entire Life Without Seeing

    Damn nature, you scary.

    1. Coconut Crabs

    More like Coco-NOT-TO-FUCKING-DAY crabs.

    2. Vietnamese Centipedes

    Kittikornphongok / Getty Images

    I wish I had 100 legs to kick you off the planet, Mr. Centipede.

    3. Geoducks

    The Weather Channel


    4. Goblin Sharks

    Who allowed this to happen?

    5. Lampreys

    Edgar_berzinsh / Getty Images

    IDK man.

    6. Sarcastic Fringeheads

    GRAHHH. Also, who named this animal, amirite?

    7. Camel Crickets

    Jasonondreicka / Getty Images


    8. Proboscis Monkeys

    Kjorgen / Getty Images

    How did the Earth create this....?

    9. Bobbit Worms

    Honestly, let's just cancel the ocean.

    10. Marabou Storks

    Getty Images

    So that's where babies have been coming from?

    11. Bilbys

    Greg Wood / AFP / Getty Images

    It's like a possum and a rabbit had a really screwed up baby.

    12. Aye-Ayes

    Getty Images

    That's a hard nay-nay from me.

    13. Whip Scorpions

    Wirepec / Getty Images

    I seek a swift death.

    14. Milk Snakes

    Seregraff / Getty Images

    Milk? Alright. Snakes? Terrifying? Milk snakes? The worst.

    15. Giant Isopods

    Lindaz / Getty Images

    Giant pain in my ass.

    Basically nature is terrifying, and if all the creatures on this list ever waged a war against humans we'd all be dead.

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