This Picture Of An Empty Toys R Us Will Make You Regret Buying Toys From Amazon

    I was not ready to cry like this.

    In March, Toys R Us announced that it was closing all 800 of its US stores, a final chapter for so many now-grownups who grew up begging their parents to take them to the iconic toy store.

    @issymimi A whole generation of ToysRUs kids are crying inside right now. Smh

    @SuddenSam147 / Via Twitter: @SuddenSam147

    And then this happened.

    @whattabxtch / Via Twitter: @whattabxtch

    ☝🏽That's Geoffrey the Giraffe saying goodbye to his home of almost 70 years. Here he is below, in a happier time.

    And as if that photo wasn't enough, just look at what happens when you go to the Toys R Us website.

    Seeing the empty store has hit people right in the depths of their childhood nostalgia.

    @hardroxx24 / Via Twitter: @hardroxx24

    Final proof of the inevitable – that the stores are really closing forever ...

    @whattabxtch I heard they were closing and didn’t even care until I saw this

    @ChampagneJatii / Via Twitter: @ChampagneJatii

    And that there will never be another Toys R Us Kid ...

    @whattabxtch @sweetfructose I do know why I'm crying in the club.

    @ICanSEEYallTho / Via Twitter: @ICanSEEYallTho

    Because they've all grown up.

    Thanks for all the years of magic Toys R Us.