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    This Girlfriend's Commentary About The World Cup Is Far More Entertaining Than The Actual Game

    "We're 34 minutes in and everyone's hair is holding up well."

    If you weren't completely aware already, we're currently one week into the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

    During the England v. Tunisia match on Monday, Twitter user @lightningstarr was texting live updates of the game to her boyfriend, and her commentary is just brilliant.

    My boyfriend asked me to text him updates from the #ENGTUN game as he's on his way home. You can't say it's not accurate. #WorldCup

    @lightningstarr / Via Twitter: @lightningstarr

    The tweet quickly blew up, and people began asking @lightningstarr to commentate more matches.

    @lightningstarr Your commentary may actually make me want to follow soccer (I’m American and I don’t “get” the sport!)

    @barney_cannon / Via Twitter: @barney_cannon


    @ThisJustinGuy / Via Twitter: @ThisJustinGuy

    @lightningstarr Hire this lady as a commentator immediately @BBCSport @ITVSport

    @Tweet_Dec / Via Twitter: @Tweet_Dec

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we'll be getting any new commentary for the next England game.

    Thanks everyone! If I knew this was going to take off I would've made sure I spelt floor correctly 😂 I'm sorry to say that I'm on a plane at the time of the next England game... 🤦‍♀️

    @lightningstarr / Via Twitter: @lightningstarr

    So if anyone wants to step up, and pick up where @lighningstarr left off for the next England match on Sunday, your efforts will be greatly appreciated.