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Literally Just A Bunch Of Next Level Gender Inclusive Bathroom Signs

Nothing about going to the bathroom is cute...except for these signs.

1. You get a bathroom, you get a bathroom, everybody gets a bathroom.

@NajahLightfoot / Via Twitter: @NajahLightfoot

2. All mermaids and centaurs must wash their hands before returning to work.

@chapmanchapman / Via Twitter: @i

3. Both martinis and beer are welcome here.

@BrendanT / Via Twitter: @BrendanT

4. This less than subtle reminder that restrooms serve one purpose.

@sexxxylisa / Via Twitter: @sexxxylisa

5. Character bathrooms are the best bathrooms.


6. A handmade sign still gets the job done.

@colinjones / Via Twitter: @colinjones

7. Seriously pee wherever you want just please wash your hands.

@jandrosov / Via Twitter: @jandrosov

8. Who cares about the person in the stall next to you? When you have to go, you have to go.

@AStaufferDC / Via Twitter: @AStaufferDC

9. This sign is pretty straight forward.

@Kaips / Via Twitter: @Kaips_

10. But bathroom signs can actually be pretty sleek.

Instagram: @alta_yeg

11. And who doesn't love a play on words?

@nkshepard / Via Instagram: @nkshepard

12. With so many cute sign designs why wouldn't you want to have gender neutral bathrooms?

@ravenblackhart / Via Instagram: @ravenblackhart

13. At the end of the day, we're all human, and we all have to pee.

@momothepeachificent / Via Instagram: @momothepeachificent
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