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There Are So Many Good Posts About Golden Retrievers This Week

So many good boys.

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Let's start with this super proud golden retriever mom who just gave birth to a green puppy!

This dog in Scotland just gave birth to a green puppy. Seriously.

According to Sports Illustrated the green pup has since been named "Forrest" and got her colored fur from a very rare occurrence: exposure to biliverdin—a green bile pigment found in the placenta.

Adorable right? Next up we have the origin story of a picture of golden retrievers eyeing kittens through a window.

i'm begging you to look at this

The photo set has origins tracing back to 2014 and it turns out the dogs are all siblings!


If you thought that was cute, just wait until you watch this golden retriever save a drowning fawn.

WATCH: A golden retriever noticed that a fawn was drowning. He jumped in to save it. What a good boy.

The fawn was taken to an animal rescue center, and Storm, the hero pup, continues to be a good boy.

OK, that was fun. Surely that's it, right? WRONG. Here's a golden retriever puppy riding on a Roomba.

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This golden retriever wore a tie like a good boy.

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And this little guy made a friend.