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    These Teens Dressed As The Obamas For Prom And It's Everything

    This is how cultural appreciation is done, folks.

    Meet 18-year-olds Seth Moffitt and Cassie Berta from Bettendorf, Iowa.

    Seth asked Cassie to go to prom this year with a super-cute sign.

    The pair wanted to re-create what the Obamas wore to the 36th Kennedy Center Honors Gala.

    Honestly, they totally nailed it.

    Cassie found her dress in an online store that specializes in re-creating celebrity dresses, and it's basically spot on.

    Can these two get any cuter?

    After prom was over Seth posted their pictures on his Tumblr account and people flipped out.

    They wanted people to understand that you can draw inspiration from another culture in a positive and respectful way. "There is a fine line between white people appreciating and appropriating POC culture, specifically black culture," Cassie said.

    Keep slaying, you two.