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Passengers On A Broken Train Were So Hungry They Ordered Pizza

Not all heroes wear capes.

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Passengers aboard an Amtrak train traveling from New York to Washington D.C. were in for quite a trip on Sunday after the original train broke down leaving the travelers stranded for three hours.

Hi @Amtrak! What's the plan to rescue Train 161? We're just stranded somewhere in DE right now...

Marcy Sutter / Via Twitter: @breadandSUTTER

The train, now immortalized on Twitter as #Amtrak161, had several power issues during the trip and eventually lost power completely.

"At this time, we don't have any power. ... We'll keep you up to date." - reports from the 161 @Amtrak

Chris Geidner / Via Twitter: @chrisgeidner

Because it was a short-distance train, there was no full dining car meaning the only food available for passengers were the small snacks available in the cafe. One passenger compared the experience to another travel catastrophe.

Shadi Hamid / Via Twitter: @shadihamid

Three hours is a long time to be stuck on a non-moving train with no dinner service, but one hungry passenger had an idea — order a pizza.

@_IainMartin @Amtrak PC: @nic_grams

Mitchell Katz / Via Twitter: @MitchKatz

The hangry passenger, Mitchell Katz, recorded a video of the heroic pizza delivery man trudging alongside a creek, proving that pizza deliverers are too good for this world.

Stuck on @amtrak 161 got hangry and problem solved

Mitchell Katz / Via Twitter: @MitchKatz

The stranded passengers began praising the delivery man for his bravery.

Props to pizza delivery man who just climbed down hill for delivery to #Amtrak161

Michael Estève / Via Twitter: @MichaelPEsteve

One person claimed the pizza saved the day.

Pizza delivery to #Amtrak161 staves off cannibalism among stranded passengers: news at 11.

@CSweetbottom / Via Twitter: @CSweetbottom

Another said what we’re all thinking.

@MitchKatz @Amtrak Hope that pizza guy got one helluva tip....

Mary Brock / Via Twitter: @HoosierGrandma7

Eventually a rescue train came to help the stranded passengers, but we all know the delivery man is the true hero of this story.

@MitchKatz @Amtrak @domaholics Come back @domaholics - the new train has no cafe car

Caroline Winslow / Via Twitter: @CarolineWinslow

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