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    Parents On Twitter Are Sharing The White Lies They Told Their Kids And Now I'm Questioning Everything

    Never trusting any parent ever again.

    On Sunday BBC presenter Dan Walker posed a question on Twitter to his followers asking, "What are the fibs you've told your children?"

    Apparently 9 out of 10 parents say 'white lies' are the secret to a happy life. What are the fibs you've told your children? #PetHeaven

    @mrdanwalker / Via Twitter: @mrdanwalker

    His tweet received hundreds of responses and they're all pretty damn great.

    @mrdanwalker Smoke alarm is Father Christmas listening device

    Some parents lied to get out of work.

    @mrdanwalker Daddy cannot hear when it is dark. Call mummy if you wake up at night. Actually worked till my wife found out.

    Others lied to get off the hook.

    @mrdanwalker @BBCBreakfast My son and I spent 10 minutes looking for his chocolate coins when I knew all along I’d…

    Lies ranged from sweetly innocent...

    @mrdanwalker Thunder - just God moving the furniture about

    ...To just plain devious...

    @mrdanwalker When the ice cream van plays music it's to let everyone know they've run out

    ...And of course the biggest white lie of them all.

    @mrdanwalker My parents told me my Dog had gone to live on a farm?

    So all you dishonest parents out there, what's your favorite white lie to tell children? Tell us in the comments.

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