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    Neymar Overreacting After Being Fouled Is Exactly What I Look Like After Stubbing My Toe

    Some say Neymar is still rolling on the ground this very minute.

    Most soccer players aren't shy about indulging in amateur theatrics during a match, but the true king of overreactions in this World Cup is Brazilian forward Neymar Jr.

    Clive Rose / Getty Images

    During Monday's match between Brazil and Mexico, Neymar clashed with Mexico's Miguel Layún, and then rolled and writhed around for a really, really long time!

    The Neymar Drama as it unfolded. #NeverForget

    @marcusgilmer / Via Twitter: @marcusgilmer

    It wasn't long until Neymar's Oscar-worthy performance became Twitter's new favorite meme. Here are some highlights:


    @notearsbazzi / Via Twitter: @notearsbazzi


    Highlights of Neymar vs Mexico... 😂😂

    @malikofori / Via Twitter: @malikofori


    Who made this 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #neymar

    @tacbanguy / Via Twitter: @tacbanguy


    On a level of 1 to 8 what level Neymar do i feel like? 6 #WorldCup

    @RRWWE / Via Twitter: @RRWWE


    @SOMEXICAN / Via Twitter: @SOMEXlCAN


    Is Neymar trying to win the World Cup or the Oscar??? #BRAMEX

    @yensaeyak / Via Twitter: @yensaeyak


    @ShIWantsTheC / Via Twitter: @ShlWantsTheC


    Neymar this entire match & the rest of the World Cup. #BRAMEX

    @servusjames / Via Twitter: @servusjames


    @XanyJay / Via Twitter: @XanyJay


    @ESPNFC Neymar when he goes swimming...

    @rbutch0127 / Via Twitter: @rbutch0127


    @paulmcclean / Via Twitter: @paulmcclean


    guys : women are so dramatic Neymar : OILOOOOO

    @pammyp_13 / Via Twitter: @pammyp_13


    Y’all already know to catch Neymar at the academy awards for best actor of our century 🏆 🏅

    @LatinoDionysus / Via Twitter: @LatinoDionysus


    Neymar when he’s in “rolling around in pain” but magically recovers when the referee gives him a free kick...

    @ZIatanFacts / Via Twitter: @ZIatanFacts


    Im tryna fall for you like Neymar falls to get a foul

    @Manny_133 / Via Twitter: @Manny_133

    When you think about it, Neymar rolling GIFs can truly be applied to many situations.

    FIFA / Via

    16. When you stub your toe on the corner of your bed.

    FIFA / Via

    17. When you step on a Lego.

    FIFA / Via

    18. When you get a text from your crush after swearing you weren't going to fall for them.

    FIFA / Via

    19. Drunkenly rolling into your ex-girlfriend's DMs like...

    FIFA / Via

    For the sake of internet comedy, please keep your acting dream alive, Neymar. Thank you.