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    Lorde Just Allegedly Invited A Cashier To Be Her Guest For Governors Ball And We're All Jealous

    Anyone else want to be Lorde's bff?

    Meet 19-year-old Emely Paula of NYC.

    Emely Paula

    Paula has been working at Liquiteria in downtown NYC for just two weeks, but yesterday she got the surprise of her life when Lorde — our musical savior — walked into the shop.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Lorde ordered a blue velvet smoothie and began chatting with Paula about her job. "The conversation was super casual and short since the smoothie blenders make a lot of noise, but her vibe was so cool. It really felt like I was talking to one of my friends," Paula told BuzzFeed.

    Emely Paula / Via Twitter: @i

    After asking Lorde if she could grab a pic, Paula ran downstairs to grab her phone, and took video proof of Lorde's visit.

    Eventually Lorde left the stop, but a few hours later Paula got a mysterious DM on Twitter. Who was sliding in her DMs you ask? It was Lorde inviting Paula to attend Governors Ball.

    Woke up trying to figure out if last night was a dream or real life...

    Emely Paula / Via Twitter: @ThatEmely

    Obviously other people were insanely jealous.

    @ThatEmely i would so trade lives with you right now, im so jealous on so many levels 😭

    @___Clifford / Via Twitter: @___Clifford

    This will be Paula's first time attending a music festival, and honestly I don't know if any other concert could ever top this one.

    Guess I should go get my glasses bc @lorde is actually taking me to @GovBallNYC !!! 😭💕

    Emely Paula / Via Twitter: @ThatEmely

    Enjoy the concert girl! I'll just be on my couch eating ice cream and wishing I was you.

    Lorde / Via

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Lorde's rep for confirmation.