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15 Times John Boyega Was An Absolute Dream Boat That We Didn't Deserve

*Rapidly chugs water*

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1. When he was just casually hanging out while probably sliding into someone's DMs with that "U up?" text.

@johnboyega / Via

Honey, you better send back a "hell, yes."

2. When he got the hell down while rocking a velvet blazer.

@johnboyega / Via

3. When he picked up a few things from the grocery store and made the candy aisle look sweeter than ever.

@johnboyega / Via

4. When he introduced his parents on the red carpet and you got your first glimpse of your future in-laws.

@mariasgf / Via

5. When he listened to the Star Wars Christmas album and showed off his eminently amazing moves.

@gaelgarcia / Via

6. When he just hung out eating fruit and listening to music.

Fruit & Vibes 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

7. When he showed off his artistic side.

Art, family and fun with @ptnafrica Soothing the mind and testing my damn patience with this damn painting!

8. When he kissed a bust of himself and suddenly made the three-way of your dreams plausible.


9. When he showed a jump rope who was boss.

@mrcalliet influenced my cardio routine today. Doesn't hurt that I have Oscar Isaac in the background cheering me on

10. When he absolutely nailed his impersonation of a porg.

@mylongestboyegaever / Via

11. When he posed next to art even though he was the real masterpiece.

@johnboyega / Via

12. When he hung out in just a robe in Beijing and served up some next level honeymoon vibes.

@johnboyega / Via

13. When he posed as a captain and showed off his *ahem* cockpit.

@johnboyega / Via

14. When he somehow manage to hold his own while standing next to an actual goddess, Lupita Nyong'o.

@johnboyega / Via

15. And finally, when he showed off his back and suddenly made you realize the benefits of working out.

@johnboyega / Via