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    Posted on Aug 29, 2017

    "Heathers" Is Now A TV Show And I Have A Lot Of Questions

    Color me stoked.

    Listen up beautiful people, because I've got news for you. The iconic '80s movie Heathers, is being made into a TV show and the teaser trailer is officially out.

    Coming to The Paramount Network in 2018. #Heathers

    @heatherstv / Via Twitter: @Heatherstv

    The show is set in modern day so we probably won't see any of those classic matching scrunchies, but that doesn't make the new Heather Chandler, McNamara, and Duke any less flawless.

    Paramount Network

    Here is how the new cast stacks up against the originals. First we have Grace Victoria Cox as our angsty heroine, Veronica Sawyer.

    @heathers / Via, New World Pictures

    Next we have James Scully as the misunderstood bad boy, J.D.

    @heathers / Via, New World Pictures

    And now Melanie Field as the mythic bitch herself, Heather Chandler.

    @heathers / Via, New World Pictures

    There is also Jasmine Mathews as Heather McNamara and Brendan Scannell as Heather Duke.

    @heathers / Via

    With a movie as legendary as Heathers, of course people had some opinions about the new show.

    @Heatherstv Completely on board for this. Normally I'm not one for TV remakes of movies but I love pretty much ever…

    @jeffvenuti / Via Twitter: @jeffvenuti

    Some brought up how excited they were to see such a diverse cast.

    @Heatherstv A heather of color, a plus sized heather (presumably chandler, the leader, nonetheless), and a genderqu…

    @voidspell / Via Twitter: @voidspell

    Others talked about giving the show a chance before forming a concrete opinion either way.

    @Heatherstv You have to learn to give an opportunity to watch first and then give an absolutely concrete opinion!!

    @anchorsabrina / Via Twitter: @anchorsabrina

    But of course, that didn't stop people from voicing concerns over the remake.

    @NaylisNadia / Via Twitter: @NaylisNadia

    Many stated that they wanted the original left alone.

    if u think for a SECOND i'd betray the original 1989 cult classic Heathers by watching this garbage tv remake u got…

    @SarahJordancoop / Via Twitter: @SarahJordancoop

    Like it or leave it, Heathers will premiere in 2018 on the Paramount Network. Now if you need me, I'll be rewatching this trailer and grabbing a much needed slushie.

    New World Pictures

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