19 Hilarious Tweets Only True A24 Fans Will Understand

    "If this year doesn’t play out like an A24 indie coming of age film what’s even the point."


    idk what A24 is but I know if i see it on the screen before a movie plays then that means the movie that's about to play is gonna be fucking good lol

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    At this point @A24 could release a spoken word version of the dictionary and I’d still give them all my money. These guys rock

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    On a scale of “spring breakers” to “ladybird”, every liberal arts kid thinks their life is an A24 movie.

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    film twitter people are like hypebeasts and their supreme is a24

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    lucas hedges and timothee chalamet are locked in a room in the basement of A24 living off of lacroix and cigarettes. the room has two walmart air mattresses and one copy of infinite jest

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    broke: singing along to musicals woke: crying along to a24 films

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    whenever I listen to indie I pretend I’m the star in an A24 movie

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    i’m really admiring A24’s commitment this year to remind us to check our rear view mirrors when driving

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    timothée chalamet and lucas hedges competing for the lead in the next A24 film

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    last year was lady bird, this year is eighth grade, next year i expect an a24 release on how much i relate to a girl in kindergarten

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    Me: H- A24: So the movie is about white, middle-class youth struggling to find their way in a society that doesn’t quite understand them, and with parents who love them in their own ways

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    I'm pretty sure A24 means a 24 mile drive to the nearest theater that plays one of their movies.

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    if this year doesn’t play out like an a24 indie coming of age film what’s even the point

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    me: dude this movie looks like trash who would watch this hot piece of garbage me after A24 logo appears on the same movie: this film looks absolutely exquisite, the trailer itself looks life changing. revolutionary.

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    seriously thinking about writing a movie thats just about a hot teenager who is followed around by a shaky camera during golden hour just so A24 will give me 20 million dollars

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