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A Couple Got Married On Mount Everest So Basically They Win

I'm floored.

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Choosing a wedding venue can be stressful, but James Sissom and Ashley Schmeider had their sights set on one magical place — Mount Everest.

Charleton Churchill / Via

The couple spent a year planning and training before making the week and a half hike through the mountains to the Mt. Everest Base Camp.

While the images are stunning, the hike to their final destination was anything but glamorous. The whole journey was captured by adventure wedding photographer Charleton Churchill.

Charleton Churchill / Via

"Mt. Everest and the Himalayas is such a beautiful and epic place, I had to see if I could find a couple who would get married there," Churchill told BuzzFeed.

The group hiked anywhere from four to eight hours a day, and faced freezing temperatures, food poisoning, and even oxygen deprivation.


According to Churchill, the key to adventure weddings is to find a photographer who puts safety before the shot.

Charleton Churchill / Via

On the night before they arrived at the base camp James was struggling to breathe. The tour guides hooked James up to an oxygen tank, and the group thought about calling off the rest of the hike.

Luckily they were able to bring the oxygen tank with them and the wedding continued as planned. "You have to have a photographer who knows when to call the shots and give up on something for the sake of safety," Churchill said.

When the group finally reached the base camp, they only had an hour and a half to eat, change, and get married. Despite the time crunch, the couple was still able to fit in the traditional first look photograph.

Even with all the elements against them, the couple had the most magical wedding and turned out a gorgeous photo shoot. Just look at these flawless pictures.


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