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17 Meals People Made In College That Will Make You Scream "WTF Why?"

Let's get turnt off coffee cream and vodka y'all.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest meals they made while they were in college, and here are the best ones.

1. The "slice" of ramen:

I made ramen noodle pizza. — morganj46923b7cb

I made ramen noodle pizza.


2. The poor man's Pad Thai:

I once made my own version of Pad Thai by mixing peanut butter in spaghetti and sprinkling Cajun seasoning and lime juice on it. It wasn't great. But it was still edible.


Food Network

3. Chips and...sauce:

I wanted chips and salsa but I didn't have salsa... so I used spaghetti sauce instead.



4. The four flavor challenge:

@ta_spicko / Via

My first flat was a bunch of poor students who generally lived off ramen, toast, eggs and the occasional vegetable. We used to play the four flavor sandwich challenge: bread, plus any four things in the pantry or fridge. We came up with some seriously strange combos. The worst one was a raw cauliflower, sweet chilli, lettuce and salt and vinegar chip sandwich. I still remember how awful it was nearly 8 years after.


5. The broke Russian:

@iliketowthatever / Via

I tried to make a low budget White Russian by mixing coffee creamer and vodka.


6. The messed-up meatballs:

I really wanted meatballs one night during the first few months of living off campus in an apartment, but I was also SUPER broke and just had to cook with what I had in the apartment. So I used turkey meat, Honey Bunches of Oates, soy sauce mixed with hot sauce, soy milk, and mustard to make meatballs that would be "flavorful" and stick together. It wasn't terrible, and I still to this day use honey bunches in my meatballs if I don't have breadcrumbs, adds a nice sweet aftertaste!



7. The poppin' queso:

I made queso with Pop Rocks in it for a little something special. It was horrible.



8. And finally, the bloody pasta:

@robadams23 / Via

Once I was running super low on food and money, so I grabbed the last of the uncooked pasta I had, cooked it, and tossed it with some Bloody Mary mix. Not half bad.


9. The drunken nugget sandwich:

Nutella spread on dinosaur chicken nuggets put between two Eggo waffles like a sandwich. Best. Drunk Food. Ever.



10. The cornbread abomination:

@shino_kohi / Via

My college roommate literally took a can of corn and put it on white bread... She called it a corn sandwich.


11. The "whatever is left in the pantry" dinner:

Ramen, Buffalo-flavored Wheat Thins crumbled on top, mixed with Kraft Mac 'N Cheese that was made with water to replace the milk.



12. The poor substitution:

One time in college my friend made me mac and cheese. I took a bite and instantly said, "Did you add sugar to this?" and he goes, "No, but I used the chocolate almond milk instead of regular milk." It was so gross.


Adult Swim

13. The deer soup:

@lovely_0986 / Via

I once got creative and made chili with deer burgers a friend gave me (that she got from her grandparents), ketchup packets from McDonald's, beef ramen seasoning packets, chili powder, and a bag of pearl onions I found in the freezer. It was exactly as terrible as it sounds. Ketchup soup of any kind is a terrible idea. It was like eating spoonfuls of vinegar.


14. The fishy eggs:

My now-husband would make scrambled eggs with not ham, not bacon, not sausage... but with canned tuna, while we were in school. After we were long-married I finally fessed up that I really never wanted to eat it again.



15. The soggy sandwich:

@jillcarpenter / Via

When I was running low on food, I made myself a "pickle juice and onion" sandwich. I got two stale end pieces of bread, cut up an entire onion, doused it all in ketchup (my only condiment), and poured pickle juice on top of the sandwich (since I didn't have actual pickles left) to make a soggy sandwich. I ended up liking it so much I had it for lunch nearly every day of the week for an entire semester.


16. The cheesy cookies:

@spud2305 / Via

One spring break my freshman roommate and I were without a car, without a store in walking distance, and the campus market was closed. We didn't have any good food and were too lazy to take the bus, so we just ate Oreos with Eazy Cheese. They kind of tasted like chicken.


17. The Dirty Boy:

Sandwich with raw ramen as bread, peanut butter, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes. We called it the Dirty Boy and it's not actually terrible.



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