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    18 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date

    Because most people don't handle rejection well, and we're way too immature to say "I'm just not that into you" to their face.

    So, you're on a date and it's a flop. Here are some ways to get out of it -- you might not maintain your dignity, and you definitely aren't helping your karma, but at least you won't have to listen to him talk about his ex-girlfriends any longer.

    1. Start hitting on someone else


    [To the waiter]: "Come here often?"

    2. "Accidentally" spill your drink on your lap

    The Office / Via

    "What a mess! I have to go home and change now."

    3. Pull the fire alarm

    Tosh.0 / Via

    a la the Dobler Theory in "How I Met Your Mother"

    4. Stage a coughing attack

    Late Night With Jimmy Fallon / Via

    You can just leave without having to explain yourself

    5. "I have a really good feeling that this is the year I become a mother"


    Tick tock goes the biological clock

    6. If the bar has games, get super competitive

    "Real Housewives of New Jersey" / Via

    "You're stripes, I'm solids!"

    7. Get lost on the way to the bathroom (and then leave)

    8. "I have leftovers at home that are about to spoil"

    CNN / Via

    In other words, I'd rather eat old pasta by myself than get a free meal with you.

    9. Say something that will blow his mind so hard that the date can't continue

    Tim and Eric / Via

    "So do you want to know how 'Inception' ACTUALLY ends?"

    10. Keep a tube of herpes cream in your purse.

    TIME / Via

    While rummaging through your bag, make sure he sees it

    11. Slowwwly back away

    The Simpsons / Via

    12. DIY nausea


    Go to the bathroom, stay there for 15 minutes, sprinkle your forehead with water to look like beads of sweat... Voila, instant "I don't feel well" excuse.

    13. Order something you're allergic to

    Hitch / Via

    Just hope he doesn't accompany you to the hospital

    14. Check your OKCupid profile while you're on the date


    Wait, 10% match??

    15. Use the F word

    500 Days of Summer / Via


    16. Break out the bad dance moves

    Seinfeld / Via

    17. Take a page out of Romy and Michele's book

    Romy and Michele's High School Reunion / Via

    Don't forget to limp away

    18. If all else fails, make your escape through the window

    Happy dating!

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