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The Rise Of Social Media In The US

Social Media Platforms have become an important part of our daily lives. Over a period of time, the use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snap has evolved. Initially, the use of these platforms was meant for connecting with friends and sharing information. But now these established firms are integrating activities that range from marketing and promoting to selling and buying. Not only that the stream alternative data available on such platforms are capturing real-time events. These alerts are allowing emergency teams to take immediate action. For markets, real-time alerts mean looking for events that potentially could be market movers. But, relying heavily on the information available on social media comes with some caveats — Fake news being the biggest hurdle!

Deena Zaidi 2 years ago

Amazon’s Bricks And Mortar Stores With A Digital Twist

While many brick and mortar stores are moving their sales online, Amazon is reversing and rerouting its online audience to shop at its tech-savvy physical locations. More than anything this may mean a start of a very different kind of economy.

Deena Zaidi 2 years ago

Big Automakers & Top Ridesharing Startups Seal Pacts For Next-Generation Technology

Valued at more than $1billion, established unicorns like Uber, Lyft and Gett are aligning with auto industry giants to create enough room for further innovation.

Deena Zaidi 2 years ago

The Next Wave Of Digital Disruption: Augmented Reality

Facebook joins the Augmented Reality Race. The AR industry is already gaining momentum and could be a huge global market worth $90 million by 2020.

Deena Zaidi 2 years ago

Immigration, Marine Le Pen, And The Trump Connection

So far, Pen’s campaign path closely aligns with Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” project.

Deena Zaidi 2 years ago

After Daniel Tarullo's Resignation, There Could Be Big Structural Changes In The Fed

Daniel Tarullo's resignation raises the vacant positions in the Fed to three. His resignation comes at a crucial time when financial deregulation could happen in big numbers under President Trump.

Deena Zaidi 2 years ago