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    21 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Big Law Job


    1. You find yourself complaining about your job to anyone that will listen.

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    2. You legitimately wonder if you can bill clients for nightmares.

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    3. You know the exact date that all of your student loans will be paid off at your current rate AND at the rate you could pay if you stopped taking taxis, shopping, and eating.

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    4. You think leaving the office at 8 is "getting out early."

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    5. You don't admire or even hate your boss. You pity him.

    6. The ding of a Blackberry gives you heart palpitations, even though your firm switched to iPhones a year ago.

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    7. You assume they gave you your own office so you could cry in private.

    8. You have legit considered orchestrating your own slip-and-fall accident, in the hopes that the injury will get you out of work for a little while.

    9. The last time you saw someone sleeping on the street, your first instinct was to be jealous that he didn't have to go into work.

    10. You don't just play the lottery, you think you might actually win.

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    11. When someone tells you they want to be a lawyer so they have a positive impact on the world, you react like this.

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    12. You think yelling is a legitimate way to communicate with your colleagues.

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    13. You no longer remember the feeling of sunlight on your skin.

    14. Booze isn't about fun anymore. It's about survival.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    15. You see nothing wrong with this scene.

    16. You start questioning the very basis of your legal career: Maybe money ISN'T the key to happiness.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    17. You plan your vacations around finding places that don't have WiFi.

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    18. You think your five figure bonus was too low.

    ABC / Via

    19. The Sunday Dread sets in around Saturday at 4.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    20. Pretty much every other job you could imagine sounds like it would be better than yours.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    21. You knew it was time to quit before you even started reading this post.

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