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Thoughts That Every Dancer Had While Watching The Free People "Movement Ballet" Ad

In case you haven't heard, Free People recently released an ad campaign for dance clothes. It didn't go over too well with dancers.

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Oh, you work that turn out, girl. You go, girl.

Would you like to tilt your body even more?

Umm....... Is this supposed to be a tendu?

NO, not pointe!!!!!!!! Anything but pointe!!!!!!!

Please turn in more. And flex your foot more. Thanks.

I give up.

At least she's physically over one box: the resin box.

Those poor achilles. Smh.

Honey, this ain't modern. No twisting, please. I beg of you.

Ankle roll in 3... 2... 1...

There are just too many things going on. I can't.


In summary,

Watch the full ad here:

View this video on YouTube

Check out the new (MUCH, MUCH BETTER) ad campaign that Free People has created with Ballet Zaida.

And, finally, enjoy this hilarious parody.

View this video on YouTube

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