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13 Struggles Of Liking Pop Music

The struggle is real.

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1. Nobody ever listens to your music suggestions.

2. You're never in charge of the playlist.

3. Your friends complain about the songs you play in your car.

4. And you complain about the "real" music they play in their car. Only, you keep it to yourself.

5. Headphones are always a must-have.

6. You've tried branching out to alternative music. But enough is enough.

7. Your Spotify playlist looks a lot like your iTunes playlist.

8. You cringe when someone asks you what type of music you like.

9. There are always little kids at the concerts you go to.

Like, it may as well be Kidz Bop. BUT IT'S NOT.

Like, it may as well be Kidz Bop. BUT IT'S NOT.

10. You avoid all non-Top 40 radio stations at all costs.

11. You have trouble finding concert buddies.

12. But you just HAVE to see your favorite boy band NO MATTER WHAT.

13. You've questioned whether pop music is even main-stream anymore, now that everyone is into Indie bands.

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