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    23 Reasons "While You Were Sleeping" Should Be Your Favourite Christmas Movie

    The 1995 Sandra Bullock romcom is the best festive film about love, actually.

    1. Because it actually is set during a snowy Christmas in Chicago.

    2. In fact, the plot kicks off on Christmas Day when Lucy saves Peter from the train tracks.

    3. Its jaunty opening credits number, This Will Be (An Everlasting Love), by Natalie Cole, perfectly sets the tone.

    4. Because Sandra Bullock is a likeable, relatable heroine that you root for from the very first scene.

    5. Indeed, liking Lucy so much is a serious achievement, considering her actions in the movie could be perceived as a tad creepy.

    6. Lucy's amazing oversized wool sweater inspires major envy. So big it can store gifts up the sleeve!

    7. Lucy has a wonderfully spiky father-daughter friendship with her boss Jerry.

    8. You gotta love the endearingly sleazy and clueless Joe Jnr, and his ultimately sweet crush on Lucy.

    9. Because of this hilarious paperboy fail scene.

    10. The movie isn't afraid to tap into a real sense of pain and sadness about what it's like to be alone in the world.

    11. The Callaghans are just the kind of family you'd want to be around at Christmastime.


    Granny Elsie!


    12. Because Peter is enough of a douchebag to be the film's "villain", but not douchey enough to hate entirely.

    13. Also because of actor Peter Gallagher's amazing eyebrows.

    14. Bill Pullman was at his most charming and dashing and just plain gorgeous as alternate love interest Jack - and he builds furniture!

    15. The romance develops between Lucy and Jack in a gradual, charmingly natural way.

    16. Moreover, Bill and Sandy have some serious chemistry onscreen.

    17. The plot arc involving the untravelled Lucy wanting to get a stamp on her passport is really touching.

    18. This speech, which reveals just how much Jack has fallen for Lucy, is adorable.

    19. Oh and this speech too. Swoon.

    20. And you know she wants him too, and you ache for them to just get it together.

    21. Lucy's confessional speech at the wedding is heartbreaking. You will cry.

    22. But we still get an ending that is just so simply, perfectly romantic.

    23. And Lucy's love story nicely synchs with that of her beloved late parents.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your festive feels on!