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    This Sarcastic Guide To Using Hashtags On Instagram Is #Perfect

    Graphic designer Djordje Djukanovic wants to show you how to label your pictures with #hashtags without looking like an #amateur.

    When you're new to Instagram, it can be hard to know what pictures to post.

    But it can be even trickier for newbies to get their heads around this hashtag business.

    Luckily, Serbian graphic designer Djordje Djukanovic has created a simple and cheeky hashtag guide for Instagram beginners.

    Inspired by his own friends' accounts, Djukanovic has some tongue-in-cheek hashtag suggestions for popular types of Instagram posts.

    Gym selfies

    Nail art

    Holiday brags

    Coffee-cup name fails

    Pics taken from planes

    Food shots

    General randomness

    See the rest of the Instagram for Beginners set here.

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